What Are 1940s And 1950s Mens Fashion?

The 1940s mens fashion was highly formal when compared to today’s menswear as well as this fashion was highly influenced because of World War II. The changes were highly made in 1950s mens fashion. This era offered variety of options to clothing for men. The clothing at this period was made of fibers including nylon and rayon. As time moves, 70s fashion trends made great changes and influences in style that include 1960s holdovers. Nowadays, most of the young people do not know about the 1940s to 1950s mens fashion as well as the 70s fashion trends. I assure that this article might help them to know about the fashion of the previous era.

1940s mens fashion

Zoot Suit

  • This zoot suit was started to wear widely during the 1930s, the same trend continued t0 1940s mens fashion.
  • The style of this dress was originated in Harlem and it was highly known for its baggy slacks as well as pinstripes, which tapered at ankle.
  • Like slacks, this zoot also was cut roomy that includes the wide lapels.


  • The 1940s mens fashion includes fedora. The baseball players and young boys wear baseball cap.
  • Fedoras were seen to be masculine, sophisticated and refined. Movie stars like Spencer Tracy and Humphrey Bogart made the fedora to get popular.
  • Therefore, the hat became popular in 1940s. The fedora is seen in gray, black, brown or blue.


  • French fashion house virtual disappearance during war made the designers of America started to discover their self-creativities.
  • The designers like Claire McCardell and Bonnie Cashin designed the sweaters, which can be worn with various combinations or in layers.
  • This trend also increased the option to women and made more clothes to be available for women.
  • It also distorted the line between ready to wear and culture by showing women to be both comfortable as well as chic without spending too much of fortune. This is the best 1940s mens fashion.


  • Several changes were made to 1940s mens fashion due to culture development. The 1950s mens fashion includes jackets.
  • The men at this period wear jackets after their working hours. The sports jackets were made using the lively patterns and checkered.
  • The suits jackets are of shorter in length as well as single breasted than the previous decade.


  • Polo shirt is highly popular choice of 1950s mens fashion. During free time activities, men wore tropical styled and western shirts.


  • The 1950s mens fashion was the period of uniformity for business wear. The business people at this period wore suits of dark blue, charcoal, brown or blue.
  • During previous decades, the ties they worn are thinner.

Flared Trouser

  • The 70s fashion trends include flared trouser, this got high majority during mid of 70s.
  • Tight fit trouser that sit at hip instead of wearing at natural waist – flared from knee down occasionally to the exaggerated widths are famous in 70s fashion trends.

Platform Shoes

  • Wearing platform shoes are highly popular in 70s fashion trends. Both women as well as men wore high-heeled boots and fashion platform shoes.
  • Some of the platform shoes are high as 8inches that was decorated with sequins, rhinestones and other embellishments.


  • Unisex trend that extended to fashion trend is said to be as glam. Men who are in band like New York Dolls as well as artists like David Bowie and Alice Cooper dressed up with women’s makeup and shirts.
  • They also accessorized their outfits using the outrageous platform boots and feather boas.