Iceland And Canadian Online Shopping

There are people who prefer doing some international online shopping. If you look at the online shopping statistics, compared to previous years, it has increased drastically. There are some popular online shopping websites for it as well. For instance, there is Taiwan online shopping, USA online shopping etc. However, this article completely concentrates on Iceland online shopping and Canadian online shopping.

 iceland online shopping

Top Iceland Online Shopping Websites

Iceland as the name tells is completely a cold place so the clothes are more of warmer. They include woolen sweaters, hooded sweaters, woolen scarves, caps, handmade sweaters etc. These are exclusively from Iceland. Women in Iceland usually have the hobby of knitting. Let us look some of the popular brands that offer the best quality.

  • Nikita: It is one of the best as well as well-known Iceland online shopping website.
    Heida Birgisdottir and her friends a decade ago founded this. Heida is as well as brand’s head designer. They began like street wear shop in Iceland and now they own more than 1500 stores globally. They also have many online dealers.
  • 66 ° North: It is the oldest clothing brand in Iceland. This contributes greatly towards the reputation of Icelandic outfits. It was founded in the year 1926 and has come all the way with hard work. Currently, it has ten stores at Iceland.
  • Cintamani: It creates clothes depending upon their traditional styles at Iceland. They even add a modern touch in order to make their products completely trendy. This is what makes the Icelandic clothing more desirable. Being in this business for more than 20 years, it has established as an icon for Icelandic clothing.
  • Farmers Market: It is recently established company, which has ultimately proved itself in being the best. It is one of the best companies for Icelandic clothing and outfits. Bergthora Gudnadottir founded the “Framers Market” along with Joel Palsson during the year 2005.

Top Canadian Online Shopping Websites

  • Dealuxe: This is the right place where you will find some impressive clothes. It has even launched some shopping destinations that offer contemporary shoes, clothes, handbags, swish brands, cosmetics and accessories. Every Thursday, you will find some exclusive deals. There are even some free returns. If you happen to invite any of your friends, then you earn $10 on each friend.
  • Canadian Tire: This is one of the ideal website for electronics, tools, bath fixtures, kitchen stuffs, home décor, sports equipments, backyard necessities etc. The collections are just stunning. It will never let you down if you happen to shop out here.
  • Urban Barn: Many people do not even realize that this particular retailer is none other than a Canadian. However, they established this during 1990s.
  • Chapters Indigo: You will literally find bargains and bestsellers out here. It is one of the biggest stores at Canada. They have some of the unique collections which you might not find somewhere else.
  • Grocery Gateway: This is one of the best online grocery shop that delivers even a service of home deliver to Hamilton and greater Toronto. May how much ever big your ordered products are, they will be delivered within a couple of days.
  • Roots: This store has some leather goods with high quality. They are handcrafted at Canad. They even have comfy sweatpants along with sweatshirts.